The REAL Lisbon Street Art Tour

Lisbon has been the scene of numerous Urban Art interventions. The "The REAL Lisbon Street Art Tour" takes us to visit some of the most striking works of the city, through a journey designed by one of our leading experts in the field of urban art and graffiti: Vasco T. Rodrigues. Journalist by profession, he was the organizer of the first international event of graffiti in Portugal and deeply knows the genesis, history, and local artists.

Transportation between the different locations where the artworks are is performed by mini-van. In each location we will stop to visit the site and its cultural interpretation through the testimony of Vasco T. Rodrigues.
All our tours are private or semi-private and suit your dates and preferences.
Our tours are designed especially for the traveler who wants to get away from the traditional tours and wants to experience new realities, original and unique experiences every journey. Our Tours provide the traveler a visit made with time to enjoy the attractions in a quiet way.


Nr. Pax Price Group Price Pax
1 110,00 € 110,00 €
2 110,00 € 55,00 €
3 165,00 € 55,00 €
4 220,00 € 55,00 €
5 275,00 € 55,00 €
6 330,00 € 55,00 €
7 385,00 € 55,00 €


Duration: 3 Hrs

1.1 Transport by air-conditioned vehicle with high comfort level in announced or equivalent models;
1.2 The accompaniment of Vasco T. Rodrigues, expert on urban art and graffiti;
1.3 Liability Insurance, in accordance with applicable law;
1.4 Personal Accident Insurance, in accordance with the law.
2.1 Food expenses;
2.2 Accommodation expenses;
2.3 Expenses of personal nature;
2.4 Additional expenses that have not been agreed in advance.
3.1 Estrela d'Alva Tours is not responsible for excess or oversized baggage, because of a lack of notice, if it can not be transported in the reserved vehicle;
3.2 If it proves impossible in providing one or more services for reasons that are strange to Estrela d'Alva Tours, they will be replaced by equivalent services;
3.3 Estrela d’Alva Tours operates a non smoking policy in its transportation services.

Vasco T. Rodrigues

Vasco Rodrigues is a media consultant with a passion for street culture.

He has become Portugal’s most prolific events planner and graffiti specialist, putting together huge events since 1999.

He is a recognized specialist by Portuguese and international artists alike.